At Broad Air, we understand that every project is different.

That’s why we work closely with you to identify your objectives and understand every aspect of your development, including unique construction complexities. This enables us to present you with a customised HVAC solution that is innovative, smart, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective.

We deliver the whole package, from concept through to completion, including design, development, project management, construction, installation and maintenance.

We have the skills and experience to deliver:

  • Air handling and central air conditioning system
  • Chilled/hot water system
  • Individual air-conditioning system
  • Refrigeration system
  • Carpark ventilation system
  • Sheetmetal ductwork installation
  • Smoke management systems
  • Zone pressurisation system and smoke exhaust system
  • Stair pressurisation and relief system
  • Computer/data room air conditioning system (CRAC)
  • BMS and building automation system

…and much more.

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Our designers can partner with you from the earliest stages of your project – long before you start the DA process – supporting you to understand what your development requires, and designing a HVAC system that is perfectly suited to your setting. This includes working with limitations, complexities and meeting budgets, as well as bringing grand ideas to life.


  • provide design advice and feasibility reviews for conceptual projects
  • develop custom concepts that perform long-term
  • work within limitations and know how to overcome complexities
  • don’t limit ourselves to just one great idea; we deliver more than one, allowing you to consider each on its merits before choosing the optimum solution.

Our engineers are meticulous in their attention to detail when it comes to constructing your custom HVAC system. Our project management team supports you at every stage of the process as we deliver the whole package – from concept to completion – and keep you informed and in touch with our progress.

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technical expertise
& innovation

We are experienced in construction only projects where the mechanical system has been designed by mechanical consulting engineers.
We collaborate with your engineers and architects as we work to specifications to deliver on time and on budget.

Whether the system is large or small, simple or complex, we aim to achieve efficiencies and ensure optimal performance. We use the best quality components and never shy away from a challenge.

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Regular maintenance

Our skilled and qualified service technicians can inspect, assess and service your HVAC system to ensure it is operating at optimum efficiency and reliability. Our focus is on maximising the life of your system and the return you receive from your investment.

Maintenance plans include:

  • preventative maintenance
  • emergency breakdown service
  • electronic point of initiation and management of maintenance log books and service data
  • NABERS energy audits and upgrades
  • BCA compliance reporting
  • Annual fire safety inspection